FCO: the Green Token that revolutionizes Carbon Credits

Fight The Co2 (FCO) revolutionizes the Carbon Credits market with the support of the technology of the future: the blockchain.

People and, more specifically, globalization are the main culprits of the catastrophic panorama of the years to come.

Industrialization and the misuse of natural resources have led us to a very serious global condition.

Climate change, irreparable environmental damage and contaminated food, is putting us in front of great challenges to be faced as human beings, in which there is a broad and unanimous consensus to improve the livability of our planet and to reduce the disasters that are leading it to collapse.

This is where Fight The CO2 comes in. 

The Fight The CO2 project

FCO is the first cryptocurrency linked to the trading of carbon credits; a truly innovative green-project that will bring interesting news in the eco-sustainable sector.

FCO is not just a cryptocurrency. It will be the movement that will involve the entire planet in the fight against CO2 and climate change.

And you don’t want to overdo it.

The carbon credit market is young but already booming.

Very soon, all companies in the world could be interested in participating in the carbon credits market, as a result of a “global policy” that will estimate and evaluate the value of these, based on the environmental commitment demonstrated. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the right time to learn more.

A brief introduction to Carbon Credits

Nowadays companies are much more careful about the pollution problem, both for a matter of personal ethics and for a series of new obligations to be respected.

Many of them are already adapting their business model to the sustainable development goals linked to the 2030 Agenda, reducing the environmental impact of their services, products and organizational structure, to be more competitive and promote decarbonization.

Soon and much sooner than we think, companies that do not align with common efforts to do good to the planet, will surely be penalized by the market.

For some years now we have been hearing about carbon credits; in short, they are a useful tool to certify the individual actions taken in terms of environmental protection; these have a twofold objective:

  1. Reducing emissions of industrial greenhouse gases (CO2 first of all)
  2. As climate change is not reversable, maybe better use Stop climate change

Specifically, 1 carbon credit corresponds to the removal of one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. Those who buy the carbon credits, therefore, demonstrate that they have contributed to the reduction of pollution.

This strategy is comparable to a scale: on the one hand polluting companies offset emissions, on the other hand projects for sustainable development are financed through the money spent on the purchase of carbon credits.

A really brilliant plan, don’t you think?

However, we must focus on one aspect that should not be overlooked: the trade of green credits is not open to everyone.

Or rather, only companies of a certain caliber (multinationals) with great purchasing power can access it.

So what do you do?

Fight The Co2

Fight The Co2 was born with a strong and overwhelming team spirit; we are not trivially talking about one token in the midst of many.

#FtheCo2 is a call for help, a revolution aimed at improvement and change, a real movement that unites all of us in a single cause: saving the planet.

After all, we are talking about our home, our children and future generations; we owe it to them.

Fight The Co2 launches FCO Toke

Climate change, environmental damage, extinction of entire races and global warming, will only want to be a bitter memory of our planet, through FCO.

As mentioned above, FCO is a Green Token that deals with trading green credits. The great news it brings with it is that… it will make the carbon credits trade open to all!

That’s right! Thanks to FCO, every company will be able to access this market, from small farmers to green energy producers and many other categories.

It will be enough to buy the FCO Tokens and your participation in this booming market will be officially effective.

We do good to the planet and it is also profitable!

FtheCo2 & Future Springs: two revolutions in one

Future Springs, the main strategic partner of FtheCo2, launches an innovative technological solution capable of solving the problems at the root and without compromise: mineral water in biodegradable capsules. No more plastic bottles and CO2 emissions! 

The patented technology of Future Springs allows a distillation and sterilisation cycle at a very high speed with energy efficiency all within a very modern and small machine, perfect for domestic use.

The result is distilled H20, which can be produced at home and is the perfect base to allow the addition of hyper mineralised, biodegradable water capsules to enhance the distilled water and transform it into pure mineralised water, rich in nutrients, whilst providing a revolutionary and eco-sustainable model for the mineral water industry. The capsules allow you to have endless combinations of ingredients, nutrients, vitamins, as well as flavours with different levels of minerality, both with and without trace minerals.

Future Springs offers the market a ground-breaking technology not only for consumers but also for investors. Future Springs is a guarantee for very high margins, environmental protection and people’s health.

We repeat: “… Able to make any source of water pure and drinkable”.

Future Springs is without a doubt a guarantee!

But how does the partnership develop?

Let’s see it with an example

1- A company (potential partner) generates green credits and wants to join the FtheCo2 project; the partnership is formalised by declaring the percentage of credits that will be allocated to the FCO project and the economic conditions are negotiated;

2- The partner then buys on the market an amount of FCO tokens agreed between the parties; subsequently, subject to agreements, it transfers the carbon credits to FtheCo2. 

3- FtheCo2 monetizes the carbon credits received; at this point it pays 55% of the amount coming from the sale directly into the FCO Pool, increasing its liquidity and generating a strong impact on the value of the token.

4- FtheCo2 uses the remaining 45% to cover the costs of its project.

5- The partner will have increased at this point the value of its budget, as well as having adhered to its obligations towards the environment and being in possession of a valuable marketing tool, thanks to the participation in the FCO project.  

FCO Tokenomics

The total supply is 1,000,000,000 FCO Tokens. It was launched on PancakeSwap on June 9, 2022 at a price of $0.27.

FtheCo2 has implemented a Smart Contract to keep the price of the token stable; this strategy will allow many investors to grab tokens at the launch price until supply runs out (in any case, no later than 12 months after the launch of FCO). This will ensure that the token will not be affected in any way by market fluctuations, thanks to the integration of the aforementioned smart contract.

On 09/06/23 it will cease to work; if there are unsold tokens, they will be “burned” and it will no longer be possible to buy them at the price of 0.27$.

At the end of this step, the value of FCO Token will increase exponentially.


The Fight The Co2 project is truly revolutionary and unique in its kind; we expect to see big changes in this area.

Certainly, we must work towards the planet and we must do it today; there is no more time to get by.

Our planet has been crying out for help for several years now, and things aren’t getting better between environmental catastrophes.

As human beings, we need more awareness and it is necessary to shake the spirits to bring together as many people as possible in support of the environment.

The fight against climate change has officially begun; stay tuned with FCO.